What is Business Coaching?


Why Coaching Works

As a business owner often we are working by ourselves or with a small team. As a result we can often feel isolated in our thinking and in our decision making. Add to that the fact that we are often our worst critic and it's easy to see how we can go down a negative path as it pertains to our own success.

That's where coaching comes in. Working with a coach in a one-on-one relationship provides an avenue to ensure that you are checking your ideas with someone else who is independent of your business, but wants your success almost as much as you do! In a Peer Advisory Board setting, the ability to tap into the collective experience of the Board is a very powerful way for small business owners to get some new awareness and clarity that enables more and better choices for the business owner.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for running a successful small business. You CANNOT do everything yourself. Give yourself permission to admit that you are not willing or able to do everything needed in your business without help. This is a STRENGTH - not a weakness.

How do I get Started?

What are some reasons for engaging a coach?

Here are just 4 of a larger number of reasons that working with a coach can be beneficial to your business:

  1. You don't know what you don't know

    We all have knowledge, and we also all have a limited amount of knowledge - no matter what our IQ is! Understanding and admitting this enables us to open our minds to other possibilities that were previously unknown to us!

  2. Gain clarity on decision making

    Every day we make thousands of decisions whether we know it or not! What outfit you wear, whether to put your left pant leg on first or the right etc etc. Business is full of decisions - sometimes these decisions are subconcious and more out of habit than necessarily looking objectively at all the facts - this is what often happens when we look at things in a vaccuum. Allowing someone else (or others) to aid in the decision making process, even just to validate our own thinking, is crucial for a small business owner.

  3. To be accountable

    Have you ever found yourself saying "I can do that tomorrow". Chances are if you are working by yourself, and especially if you are working out of your home, that you have done this on at least one occassion and most likely are a repeat offender. The good news is that you are not alone! The other good news is that coaching can help you avoid this familiar trap by ensuring that you are accountable to someone (or others) each week/month.

  4. To receive guidance

    You never stop learning. This is a fact. The expression "you learn something new every day" is appropriate AND you can probably think of something as you read this that you learnt today or in the past couple of days.

    A new perspective allows you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and to increase your learning. By working with a coach you will be subjected to different ideas and deeper questions pertaining to your business and how and why you are doing what you are doing - all of which creates a stronger connection to your business as well as ensuring a better foundation for growth!

I'm ready to take the next step!